Our peer phone support are for moms during their first year postpartum who are experiencing a Postpartum Mood Disorder or are struggling during pregnancy. Our support offers education, coping skills, and are confidential.

Our phone support is not meant to replace the care of your healthcare provider or therapist, but to work in tandem providing an additional component to recovery. Our support staff have experienced Perinatal Mood Disorders and have been trained, certified, and designated as regional coordinators by the Postpartum Resource Center of New York, Inc.

Call 518.955.6770

Postpartum Support Groups

Family Life Center
20 Elm Street, Albany

Michelle Przedwiecki
First Wednesday of every month, 6:30 pm.
$5 suggested donation
Call 518-879-2197 or email
to pre-register (please).

St. Peter’s Hospital Postpartum Peer Support Group
Women’s & Children’s Services
315 Manning Blvd, Albany
Mercy Conference Room, Rm 6, 1st floor

Sandi Michael
Monthly meetings, for information call: